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Planned window & door Maintenance Package*

to achieve high levels of tenantsatisfaction’

MSi’s 12 point check to PVC-u Windows and Doors

Included in MSi’s planned window & door maintenance package:
Our trained engineers will come and undertake a full condition survey and 12 point operation and safety check of all your external windows and doors and deliver a fully costed report back to you.

When windows and doors have been installed for a long period of time it is likely that they will no longer have their original manufacturers integrity. They may not operate as intended, and on some occasions may be deemed un-safe.

Faulty seals can lead to draughts, water ingress and tenant discomfort – misalignment of glass, locks, handles, hinges & restrictors can create operating issues and are often put under due pressure by tenants trying to make them work as they used to. Over a period of time this makes their operational performance worse and eventually they will not work at all. This can also lead to poor thermal performance resulting in higher heating costs.

Inspect operation of each window to the designed working limits
Inspect Safety restrictors and adjust as necessary
Inspect all window gearing and adjust or tighten as necessary
Inspect, Clean & lubricate all moving parts as recommended by the manufacturers
Inspect all glazing units for damage/ broken seals and alignment and adjust as necessary
Inspect & report operation of all handles & locks
Inspect all glazing and weather seal gaskets
Inspect all window profiles for damage & report condition
Inspect all internal ingoes, soffit and cills for defects
Inspect & report all external weather pointing
Inspect & report any major defects to masonry or stone ingoes, soffits and cills
Inspect window trickle ventilators & fans  

Responsive Window & door repair Package*

‘No matter the scale of the housing stock there are on-going daily requirements for repairs and maintenance’

Included in MSi’s responsive window & door repairs our package embraces working with different response times and completing repairs within agreed timescales dependant on the nature of the particular repair required.

We will work with our clients to develop a bespoke service level agreement which takes account of response times for different repair and maintenance requirements.

We will respond to any issues reported and dependant upon what we find we will ease, adjust and lubricate,replace faulty gearing or broken or damaged handles, hinges or locks, and provide replacement sealed units.

MSi are aware that social housing landlords performance is monitored by key performance indicators and we will work to client driven and agreed response times and monitor progress and performance on a weekly/ monthly basis.

We will guarantee works for 12 months in terms of the functionality of hardware and extend manufacturers warranties for replacement seals and sealed units.